Artist Bio
Richard Rogers is a painter working in acrylic. His canvases celebrate and explore the quiet moments in life.  His introverted and reflective nature seeks beauty and meaning in all things.  An idealist at heart, Richard paints to invoke a sense of childlike wonder and to serve reverence to God.  His work is often monochromatic yet bold in color.  Richard was born and resides in West Michigan.

Artist Statement
My paintings celebrate Light. Natural, mechanical, and spiritual representations of light are found in much of my artwork.  My work is allegorical, using familiar images to represent intangible ideas. A painting of the moon may symbolize God's grace, a wildfire may represent love.  These emblematic images may reveal an obvious story, or be subtle and invite a deeper look.  In either case, the color of the piece is important; it established mood and adds insight into the story being told.  The way color impacts perception is the reason I tend to use values of one color.  The monochromatic colors emphasize the emotion of each painting.